Companies are doing larger and new types of business deal, relationships are more complex than ever before, and the economic climate is challenging, uncertain and constantly changing.

In this situation, a number of questions arise:

  • How can we be sure of paying the right amount of tax?
  • How can we comply with the law and our obligations?
  • How can I ensure that our strategy is implemented in the company?
  • How can we align business goals with company strategy?
  • How can we improve our business procedures and make them more efficient?
  • How can we minimize risk?
  • How can we get the best results?
  • Where are the best opportunities?

We help your company deal with all the changes and meet the requirements of the law. Our solutions are intended to help organizations achieve their business objectives by managing their risks effectively, increasing performance and maximizing returns.

Our tax experts can offer innovative insights to generate more value for your business. We have a multidisciplinary team, with professionals from different academic backgrounds (Administration, Accounting Science, Computing Science, Foreign Trade, Controllership and Finance, Law, Tax Law, Information Systems etc.), who have worked in the Big 4, and have experience and proven expertise in projects undertaken in multinational and national companies in different business segments.

Tax recovery

Assessment of the company’s criteria for calculating tax, in order to identify the possibility of recovering federal, social security, state and municipal tax credits that have not prescribed, on the basis of the applicable law, case law and doctrine.

Tax Planning

Analysis of corporate structures and transactions to enable the tax burden to be legally reduced.


Reimbursement of ICMS-ST, using the method outlined in CAT Ordinance 17-99 or the method of completing the Digital Tax Bookkeeping (EFD) provided for in CAT Ordinance 158-15; assessment and drafting of applications for Special State Tax Regimes; and monitoring and advice on state tax inspections.

Monetization of Tax Credits

Study of procedures and/or operations to monetize accumulated tax credits (federal/state); preparation of magnetic e-CredAc files to submit to the São Paulo State Finance Department, using the Simplified or Costing method; and advisory on transferring accumulated ICMS credit to third parties.

Tax Compliance

Analysis of key procedures used by the company to calculate direct and indirect taxes. The aim of our work is to help your company interpret the tax laws so as to minimize possible risks and adopt the best practices.

SPED Environment

Review of procedures for completing the SPED environment files, such as Digital Tax Records – EFD ICMS/IPI, EFD-Contribuições, Digital Accounting Bookkeeping – ECD and Accounting-Tax Bookkeeping – ECF, as well as analyzing and cross-checking the information reported in the corresponding ancillary obligations.

Social Security and Labor Obligations

Review of principal procedures used for calculating social security and labor payments; diagnosis and review of completion of e-Social; and analysis of social security opportunities under the law.

Revision of Income and Social Contribution Taxes (IRPJ and CSLL) and Drafting/Revision of ECF

Review of the principal procedures used for calculating corporate income tax (IRPJ) and Social Contribution on Net Income (CSLL), as well as preparation/revision of the corresponding ancillary obligation – the Accounting-Tax Bookkeeping – ECF.

Transfer Pricing

Preparation and/or checking of calculation of Transfer Pricing on imports and exports of goods, services and rights, and on interest on loans to or from companies regarded as related by law, or located in countries with favorable tax regimes.

Incentive to Technological Innovation

Analysis of projects undertaken by the company during the period for diagnosis and calculation of the Research, Development and Innovation (PD&I) tax incentive. We make a presentation on the subject to the company, analyze and quantify expenses for the period, and help prepare monthly returns and complete the form to be submitted to the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Corporation Restructuring

Solutions to help companies with corporate restructuring, to achieve tax efficiency, introduce best practices and implement transfers of wealth.

International Tax

Help with tax issues involving international transactions, such as foreign investments, currency remittances and tax planning.

Tax Advisory

Formal opinions on specific issues based on tax and corporate law, case law and doctrine