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Companies are doing larger and new types of business deal, relationships are more complex than ever before, and the economic climate is challenging, uncertain and constantly changing.

In this situation, a number of questions arise:

  • How can we ensure that our strategy is implemented in the company?
  • How can we align business goals with company strategy?
  • How can we improve our business procedures and make them more efficient?
  • How can we minimize risk?
  • How can I make my team more integrated and efficient?
  • How can we get the best results?
  • Where are the best opportunities?
  • How can we have a Corporate Governance environment?
  • How can we be ethical and transparent?
  • How to create value for shareholders?

Apter has a multidisciplinary team, with professionals from different academic backgrounds (Administration, Accounting Science, Computing Science, Foreign Trade, Controllership and Finance, Law, Tax Law, Information Systems etc.), who have worked in the Big 4, and have experience and proven expertise in projects undertaken in multinational and national companies in different business segments.

Our aim is to help organizations achieve their business objectives by managing their risks effectively, increasing performance and maximizing returns.

With solutions that comprise conception, implementation, execution and monitoring, Apter has staff trained to help clients ensure that their strategy and procedures are effective, efficient, compliant with the regulations and in line with their objectives.

Internal Audit

Our Internal Audit solutions help companies implement and/or improve their performance, in order to meet the requirements of the board of directors, stakeholders and regulatory authorities. We provide services ranging from strategy to management and execution of the Internal Audit plan, using the best market practices in line with the standards of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA).

Implementation and assessment of internal controls

To meet your business goals and company strategies, you have to introduce controls to ensure that objectives are fulfilled. So companies introduce controls of their business procedures, which may be automatic (undertaken by computer systems) or manual (handled by company staff).

Information Technology

Nowadays Information Technology is strategic and essential for every company’s business. As it has evolved it has offered major opportunities and achievements, but it has also brought big new challenges: how to keep up to date? How to keep abreast of emerging technologies? Can I create an effective information security environment?

Tax, Labor and Social Security Compliance

As company business changes, it becomes necessary to upgrade the computer systems connecting taxpayers and the tax authorities.

Accounting Advisory

We help organizations in many different sectors prepare their accounting and financial reports, and analyze the accounting treatment of a range of unusual or complex transactions.

We have a multidisciplinary team with the technical knowhow and experience needed to meet all our clients’ requirements.

Business Process Review

The main purpose of Business Process Review is to help companies define and implement their business objectives in line with their strategy, and to provide tools to identify weak points and areas for improvement in their business processes.

Business Risk Management

Managing risks is something every company does, but few of them do it in a structured way, recording the processes and results of their analyses and clearly defining who is responsible for monitoring each risk.

Compliance Management

The regulatory environment in Brazil is complex and has been going through a number of changes due to the evolution and dynamics of corporate business and the need for more viability in monitoring by the regulatory authorities. In view of this situation, companies have seen the need to structure regulatory compliance management to monitor and attenuate the key risks, attaining a new model of Corporate Governance.

Project Management

Organizations have evolved and their business is more complex, dynamic and in constant transformation. Knowing how to adapt and to take advantage of this favorable climate is the key to business success.

Deals and Corporate Finance

We help companies raise and restructure debt, and also assist with company reorganization, mergers and demergers and analysis of strategic options, and with due diligence of tax, labor, financial, legal and environmental issues, in addition to other solutions.